Cash Advance Myths

1.  Good credit is a requirement for a cash advance.

Our network of payday lenders work with bad credit. Payday lenders can help people who don’t have sufficient credit to get a traditional bank loan. Even if you have less than perfect credit, you can request a payday loan.

2.  The entire payday loan industry is a scam.

Many states require that local lenders complete a certification test and obtain a license before starting business. While you may hear tales of irresponsible and underhanded lenders, don’t allow those incidents to color the entire industry. In addition, research your state’s policies regarding payday loans before submitting a loan request.

3.  Lenders trick customers with heavy fees and undisclosed interest rates.

In accordance with the federal Truth in Lending Act, all cash advance lenders must reveal financing fees, interest rates and any future fees prior to the signing of any type of contract or other financial obligation. This information must be presented to the customer in writing. When using the network of lenders offered by, you are free to examine these fees and terms and decline loan offers. You are under no obligation to accept loan offers received from’s lender network.

5.  cash advances target low-income families.

Individuals of any income level can utilize cash advances. While those who oppose payday loans claim that lenders target low-income neighborhoods, is an online resource, accessible by anyone with a computer and a connection to the Internet.

Note: Actual disbursal times may vary and can be as fast as one business day.